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PC Dead Space 3 SaveGame

The game done 114.2%, at an impossible level of complexity (except for cooperative missions). All costumes, all parts of the weapon (including parts of MKII), all chain modifications are open; collected all the artifacts, all audio records / logs, all weapons plans.

Status: THE GAME DONE 114.2 %
Author: leito6066
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With the evolution of online gaming platforms, PC Dead Space 3 SaveGame Save Game file downloads have surged in popularity. Players frequently click on the PC Dead Space 3 SaveGame Save Game download file button to access pre-set game progresses, backup their data, or even recover saves inadvertently lost. This mechanism isn't just for personal use, many enthusiastic gamers also upload their meticulous save game files for the broader community.

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8 Responses

  1. Dalladrion says:

    could you also include your .exe for the save that the game will support, cause otherwise I get the message that the save is damaged, or post the updated save

  2. Reaper666735 says:

    i also get the “Savegame Corrupted” error and using the latest version on Origin, all i don’t have is the DLC’s (yet) could that be part of the issue ?

  3. Reaper666735 says:

    i also get the “Corrupted Savegame” error …. , i’m using the latest version of DS3 Origin has to offer, i don’t own the DLC’s (yet) could that somehow part of the problem ?

  4. hellstryker85 says:

    You have the Origin version of the game that is why it doesn’t work. The files work fine for me and I don’t have Origin.

  5. Nikola Dimitrijevic says:

    Works perfect for me no bugs or any kind of that stuff

  6. ReXimos says:

    How you did 114%?

  7. Joshua says:

    Where do I save the file
    Or rather where do past them

  8. Kartikeya Singh says:

    not all suits are here

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