Save Editor

In the early days, a person could input a string of digits and enjoy some new fun content. The string of digits and alphabets that we all had to memorize, was called cheat codes. The cheat code allowed you to somehow access the game’s script and send a command to its main software. This command would then save you from a 5-star police chase or allow you to skip a (‘pain in the ass’) timed mission. But those days are long gone. A games source code has gotten more and more intelligent over the years which has made cheat codes almost obsolete. So are we done using cheats in games? Of course not, that would be too silly. Nowadays, there are two popular ways with which you can manipulate a game’s source code. The first one is modding and the second one is called the Save Editor or Save Game Editor. A Save Editor just as its name implies, edits your save file. For example, you are stuck on a difficult level, the boss is giving you a consecutive ass whooping. Your stats are low and your equipment is just TRASH. In this awful scenario, a Save Game Editor can save you a week’s worth of misery. The SaveGame Editor allows you to change your HP from a puny little amount to straight-up, Boss level. A SaveGame Editor also lets you, increase other stats, complete a mission, reload your stats if a bug invades your game, and much more. But using a save editor to edit you save files require a bit of technical knowledge. Even though using it has been made easy, it still can’t beat the convenience of inputting a cheat code. But if modding makes your brain hurt and you want an easy alternative, using a save editor will do the job.

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