Suggest a SaveGame

You are welcome to add your personal savegames to our savegames list. Please send them to

Send straight from your website
  • Press on the following link Upload file
  • Look through the Information to be provided before sending savegame in the end of this page and click to complete the download.
  • In case you are not aware of retrieving your PC savegame, follow our instructions: How to copy a savegame from your PC?
  • f you are not sure how to restore PS3 savegame, look at our guidelines: How to copy a savegame from your PS3?
  • In case you are not able to rebuild your PSP savegame, read the guidelines: How to copy a savegame from your PSP?
  • If you need to find out how to retrieve your Wii savegame, there’s an explanation: How to copy a savegame from your Wii?
  • Before being publicized, the file will have to be approved by administrators.
  • team is thankful for your collaboration and support in improvement.
Necessary information in order to send your savegame

Please fill the gaps and provide all the requested information:
For which platform (PC, Mac or PSP) the savegame is designed?
Does savegame enables to complete the game fully?
Which game type (French or English) have you played?
In which category should the savegame be placed?

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