PC Horizon: Forbidden West SaveGame 100%

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PC Horizon: Forbidden West SaveGame 100%

Complete walkthrough of the game Horizon forbidden west complete edition divided into 17 stages – saves. Also, the ending of the DLC is available on auto-saves – both the beginning of the mission and the final battle and the end of the story. Difficulty: medium”. Priority was given to the skills of the Archer and Witch Doctor branches, the rest was acquired as free skills were available. From the equipment “Thunder Warrior Nora” to improve basic skills as well as “Death Seeker’s Shadow” as the main bow + “Sun Scourge” for control and freezing. The main map is mostly cleared with the exception of the Skirmish, and partially completed races, arena and military training. I haven’t been collecting equipment, but some of the equipment is in the chest, and besides, the medals from the hunting grounds are not used up, you can buy whatever you need. In the add-on, the plot has been completed, as well as 2 side missions – I’ve been waiting for the battle with GOR since the 1st part of the game).

3 On the Edge
11 Embassy
22 Dying Lands
35 Broken Skies
37 Kulrut
39 Sea of Sands
44 Seeds of the Past
60 Relics from Ruins
63 Faro’s Tomb
64 Gemini
65 Wings of tenths
65 Singularity
66 To the Burning Shores
68 Stars in their eyes
69 For his amusement
70 Final Act
71 Epilogue

C:\Users\”Username”\Documents\Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition\76561197960271872\

Status: The Game done 100%
Author: Axapyc
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