PC Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty SaveGame 100%

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PC Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty SaveGame 100%

The save is only suitable for the Goldberg+Steamless+SSE crack, but not suitable for the RUNE crack.

Difficulty levels:
– “Crouching Dragon” (the very first): all missions and additional tasks of the main company have been completed, the first DLC has started, other DLCs have not been touched; All flags in the main and additional tasks are set.

– “Awakened Dragon”, “Soaring Dragon”, “Heavenly Dragon”: only partially completed the main and additional tasks somewhere before the 5-6th act (only what was required to unlock the subsequent difficulty), DLCs were not touched.

– “King of the Dragons” (the latest): everything has been completed, including three DLCs, all flags have been set.

Golden Cicada Shells, Dragon Essences, Dragon Stones (to improve healing potion), Panda Demons partially collected. Tablets with records are collected only in the main campaign, in the DLC – a very small part. When selecting a mission, if anything, there are indicators showing what is found and what is not (under the title image of the mission).

Side quests completed:
-Cicada Eater (the shells were added by the trainer, so you can’t collect the missing ones in the mission – their limit has been exceeded (there are only 21 pieces in the game), but they don’t affect anything, so it’s not scary. Probably).

-Taoist woman who lost her house keys.

-Locked in prison demon panda lover.

-A wife who is looking for a husband.

Side quests not completed:

-To collect all the demon pandas, which I already wrote about above.


-The girl who reads the tablets (I don’t know if this quest has some kind of ending or not, since I didn’t collect the tablets from the DLC).

-Replacement/improvement of martial arts (up to level 15) for all types of weapons.

-Improving armor and weapons to +16 (the inventory is full of Nuva stones and other consumables for this).

– “A Journey of a Thousand Miles.”

-All hidden spells.

-All weapons are level 8 rarity (orange, like the Abyss weapon in Nioh), except one – from the bonus set.

-All accessories of the 8th rarity level (including the one that appears after completing the quest with the cicada shells, and the imperial seal, which opens after two additional tasks in the main campaign).

-All stratagems are rarity level 8.

-Almost all the armor is level 8 rarity (of the standard ones, only the gloves of the Scarlet Night set are missing, they are level 6, red). T.N. “heroic” armor (with a golden icon next to the name and a changed coloring) is all unlocked (this is inaccurate, I’ll write about this a little later), but not all of it is of the 8th rarity level. There are both 6th and 7th. Bonus sets also have a low rarity of 4, or even 1, but there’s nothing you can do about it – in principle, they can’t be dropped from enemies. The “Decoration” mode at the blacksmith helps – we change the appearance of any other armor.

-The amount of healing potion, local estus, has been pumped up to ten (there are still a bunch of dragon stones in the inventory due to the indiscriminate effect of the trainer on consumables, but their use does not increase the amount of potion further. The message about increasing from 9 to 10 is simply repeated).

-The healing level of the potion has been pumped up to +10 (it seems like there should be 15 pieces of dragon essence in the game, but I didn’t pump it up to +15. The inventory is full of this essence, and you can pump the potion up to +35, but I don’t know how does this affect the gameplay? This is probably the most unpleasant consequence of using a trainer).

-During the passage, a lot of weapons and armor were disassembled for spare parts, so the blacksmith also has a lot of different “special effects” for replacement in armor and weapons through the “Insert” item – for every taste.

“Journey of a Thousand Miles”:
-I would like to write that I completed it completely, but, alas, this is not the case. I walked a thousand miles (honestly, even with the trainer I almost lost my mind while I did it), but after that the “journey” just continues without any explanation. On Reddit they write that its duration is either 9999 miles (that is, individual missions. And I once thought that 999 levels of the Abyss in Nioh 2 is too much. Team Ninja has its own view on this issue, yeah), or not at all 99999. Seeing both numbers, I felt a strong pain in the area of ​​my soul. I simply don’t have the strength to go any further. So I don’t know if new “heroic” armor sets will be unlocked or if I’ve unlocked everything. If not, then the whole joke of the further “journey” is to collect golden hooves, exchange them for materials and soul stones to upgrade/replace martial arts in weapons. But there is quite a lot in preserving both – there should be enough for everyone.

-Level 500 has been reached, and all five elements have been pumped up to the maximum 99 points.

-Additional leveling up to 1000 has been completely done (it can be redistributed for free).

-All party members have been fully upgraded in the “Reinforcement” mode (all have the “Twinned” connection level).

-Female, dressed in a fully upgraded Lü Bu (Flying General) set, whose appearance has been changed through “Decoration” (partially to the “heroic” version, partially to elements of the “Azure Dragon” set), armed with a “Majestic Scarlet” two-handed sword, rapid-fire the colonel’s crossbow, Lü Bu’s halberd and bow (everything is pumped to the maximum, including martial arts). We look for all other junk in the blacksmith’s storage room

-At the main Taoist in the hub, if anything happens, the character’s appearance can be completely changed.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. The save is not very “clean” due to the use of a trainer, but as it is, and it doesn’t seem to cause any special problems.

Place the “Wolong” folder from the archive at: My documents/KoeiTecmo.

Status: The Game done 100% on maximum difficulty [1.302]
Author: Roadster891
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