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1) Discussing and commenting

All issues of savegames is a concern of website. is a site to provide various opinions. There is no filtering for the stakeholders. There are no restrictions for accessibility of website’s pages or messages, can be followed by everyone.

2) Removing and editing posts

Every information provider has an ownership of personal statement and intellectual property rights. The person is enabled to edit, improve or delete personal data according to individual needs.
Every member can demand to delete all related data from the website via contact form. Person needs to provide information about the post: title, date, nickname that was used, the link of message and given e-mail.

3) Message with a reference

Every post can get a reference from a search engine and be published not only by but other sources as well. The visitor should be aware that the owner has not an ability to remove the information which is referenced by the search engine. In case of removal of information in question, search engine needs to be contacted.

4) User’s obligations

Authors who posts content on takes all responsibility for it. In this way, the visitor is obliged to respect common etiquette, terms and conditions of a website usage, other laws and regulations as well as this agreement with

The visitor agrees not to spread posts or other information despite the type or nature of it:
1. opponent to public opinion and moral statute;
2. insulting, defamatory, offensive, racist or other kind of abusive to others or any kind of presupposition of innocence;
3. fostering discrimination, hate of other people for the reason of their ancestry, genetics or origin, not belonging to a certain ethnic unit, country or religion;
4. frightening other people;
5. pedophile behavior;
6. publishing a wrong report;
7. promoting the commitment of a crime, terroristic attitude or worship of war offense or perpetration against humanity;
8. promoting suicide;
9. permitting other parties to obtain illegal software, serial software’s numbers, software that proceeds for piracy and intervention to the systems of computer and telecommunications, also logic bombs or viruses and in general all kinds of software or measures that disturb the liberties of other people and can cause insecurity personally or for the property both directly and indirectly.

t’s users responsibility to show respect to the rights of others, exceptionally of the personal information which includes rights for pictures, the respect of innocence’s presumption and privacy of personal correspondence; copyrights: software, melodies, pictures, images as well as animated ones, texts, sites; relative rights such as directors of video recordings, phonograms and rights of database producers – sui generis as well as performers; rights of industrial property: patents, trademarks, designs, ect.
The revelation of individual data, private message or e-mails disclosure to a third unauthorized person is forbidden. Full or partial copy of various works such as music, books, articles in media, is restricted. Users cannot edit and publish in other sources any of the posted information unless the author agrees.
The visitors are still able to make copies of various contents for the purpose of discussions and also to provide some parts of messages in order to analyze the information with regards to quote the source, for ex., Forum home, the real name or pseudonym of the text author as well as link to the original text on the forums.

The user accepts the requirement not to compose personal information on the website that is out of laws or not fair and never promotes any type of advertisements including spam, hidden ads and other types.

Generally, the contributor evades all activity which interfere the fluent functioning of

Visitors agreement to follow the general rules in order to maintain the smooth functioning of the web:
– Pay attention while writing a message. The writer is obliged to provide clear information about the content of the message. Try to evade generic titles: “New”, “Help”, “Question”, “Response” or similar. Be sure that the title is descriptive enough about the content of your text and has different subject in comparison to existing ones.
Be aware that SMS language style is not acceptable on the forums. Avoid slang, specific expressions which are relevant only in a certain region and don’t forget rereading your text. Consider the option of referring to your posts on search engines to gain more probability of response.
– Try to stay away from the unrelated and off topic questions or comments. There is always a search engine to help you. Particularly, when you have interests in hotel, share them on the existing discussion of hotel.
– Never lose your tolerance, politeness and respect others. This website must be considered as a platform for exchanging, discussing and communicating. Aggressive or violent attitude must be left aside.
– Do not type in UPPER CASE because it gives the impression of SHOUTING. Other users can avoid answering you.
– Stay away from flooding. It is forbidden so do not flood in the site with the same text message.
– Broadcast advertising is restricted in all kind of types: spam, secret advertising,… For advertising only ad service can be used. The link to a personal web can be given with the relevant post but it cannot be used as an excuse for advertising purposes.
– Providing individual data is not recommended. Other visitors are able to contact you by “private answer”.

5) Moderation of the post

There are no restraints in the web This means that none of the posts will be checked before it is published – publishing is done at once.
But moderator has a right to halt the delivery or storage of posts that clearly are not following the rules, laws and duties of the writer.
All posted information is a responsibility of the author.

The organizer has a right to edit important messages that could cause controversy on some sensitive topics and links to racism, humiliation, ect., although this could be done only in very exclusive cases.
In such a case, posts are checked before publishing.

6) Penalty

Moderator has a right to delete any post without prior notice, if it has patently illegal content or oppose to the users rules of the website. The organizer has a power to ban the user who does not meet the stated obligations. All visitors that were eliminated from the site and strive to join the site again with different aliases will be excluded sharply without any explanation.

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