No Man’s Sky Save Editor

A game that has risen from the ashes. The game No Man’s Sky had an extremely disappointing launch on August 9, 2016. Even though the developers made some early fixes, the game still had a lot of game-breaking bugs. But fortunately for us, the developers from Hello games never gave up developing the title. With a steady amount of updates the game No Man’s Sky started to take shape once again. But the game still had some major issues. For example, the process of exploring some planets and collecting materials from it was getting boring and repetitive. To cope up with this and many other problems, the No Man’s Sky community came up with a fix called the No Man’s Sky Save Editor. With a No Man’s Sky Save Editor a player can customize a lot of things ranging from Exosuits, Ships, Freighter, Frigates, and Vehicles to organizing Bases and Storage. Using a No Man’s Sky PC Save Editor, the player can make individual changes to the character’s main status as well. The Main Status of any ‘Save Editor No Man’s Sky‘ application includes customization options for health, shield, energy, units, nanites, and quicksilver. But how do you get access to a save-editor for No Man’s Sky? Well, a simple search on Google by typing ‘No Man’s Sky PC Save Game Editor or No Man’s Sky Save Editor PC‘ will get you some results. There are two things you have to know before you try any sort of save editing, you can do a save edit only on PC and always make a backup of your save file because save-editing can corrupt it. So after you have installed the No Man’s Sky Save Editor for PC, you will run the application, import the save file from your computer documents and start customizing. If you need a step by step guide on how to do save editing its best to search ‘Save Editor No Man’s Sky‘ on Google and look through a written tutorial.

  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Run the exe and extract the contents to an empty folder somewhere.
  3. Run the bat file (or the jar file if the file extension is associated to java).
  4. When the main window opens, locate the folder that your saves are in, and choose the most recent.
  5. Start tinkering!

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