How to make a copy of XBOX360 SAVEGAME?

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Pay attention that methods are not provided on SaveMyGame site.
To be copied, the savegame must be protected with your Device ID and Profile ID.

Profile ID is a proof that your profile is genuine and unique.
Device ID specify the attributed storage device, for ex.: memory card, hard dick or USB.

According to the requirements, you need to provide savegame your personal Profile-ID. Various tools can be found on the internet easily.

Please read the guideline carefully. Although, if there are still some questions unanswered, try to find it individually. As the level of user knowledge is different, it is very difficult to meet everyone’s interests. The goal of the website is to collect only brief, concentrated information. For further explanations, every user has the chance to discuss with other experienced members. There is a great opportunity to get even personal advice; therefore communication could be highly beneficial.

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