Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Save Editor

Borderlands GOTY Enhanced edition was released a few months before the long-awaited Borderlands 3 release. The Game of the Year edition is still the same Borderlands 1 game. The only changes to its gaming content come from a few legendary weapons, a bunch of new skins, and a DLC. The edition’s main selling point is 4k compatibility. The whole Borderlands 1 game has gone through a complete graphics remake. Even though the game looks the same and plays the same, there is a clarity to it, like looking through a pair of glasses. Other minute enhancements are done to fix hitboxes. But what about save editor, can you still use the Borderlands 1 WillowTree save editor to edit the enhanced versions saved files? Yes, you can. But only with the newest version. Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Save Editor allows you to change the flow of your gameplay. If your gameplay mainly consisted of sniping, after using Save Editor Borderlands GOTY Enhanced, you will be running around slapping enemy butt cheeks. The previous Borderlands 1 and 2 both had a Gibbed save editor. But due to Rick working on creating the save editor for Borderlands 3, he has not released a Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Gibbed Save Editor. Any type of internet search involving the keywords, gibbed Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Save Editor, or Gibbed Save Editor Borderlands GOTY Enhanced will get you nothing. Previous WillowTree Save editors were able to edit every save file. So if you have a previous PS3 save-file, you can type ‘Borderlands GOTY Enhanced PS4 Save Editor or Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Save Editor PS4′ in the search bar and it will show your results which will allow you to import those PS3 files into your PS4. Likewise, a similar search result for ‘Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Save Editor Xbox 360‘ will show you how to edit your Xbox save files and searching, ‘Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Save Editor PC or Borderlands GOTY Enhanced PC Save Editor’ will show you how to edit your PC save files.

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