Borderlands 3 Save Editor

Borderlands 3, released on September 13, 2019. A sequel to its commercially successful prequel, Borderlands 2. The game is equally fun and exciting. There are a ton of content, millions of guns to choose from, various characters with abilities, and a lot of badass shooting sequences. At times, the game can have your blood pumping and at others, it’s extremely in-depth character customization options sink you to bottom of a deep abyss. When playing Borderlands 3 you might run into situations that will make you grind your teeth in frustration. You might even break a screen or two. Because there are certain enemies, when encountered, can cause you to beg for mercy and missions that will make you cry for weeks in frustration. For example, you have the Shock and Badass Rakk with its insanely high health and flying ability, a ‘pain in the ass’ Jet trooper, a weak yet tanky Militant, etc, all have skills that can frustrate you to death. So how do fix that? Well, you can swallow your frustrations and play the game like it should be played or you can use a Borderlands 3 Save Editor. The BL3 Save Editor will give you the ability to customize your player stats and skill levels, effectively putting an end to your problems. But here is the issue, if you search for ‘Borderlands 3 Gibbed Save Editor or gibbed Borderlands 3 Save Editor‘ you will get no useful results. That’s because Rick aka Gibbed is still working on creating his ‘Gibbed Save Editor Borderlands 3’. The editor is still a work in progress. So if you want to use a save editor, you will have to do so through other means or do it by yourself through Hexcoding. Because there is no ‘Save Editor Borderlands 3‘ created by Gibbed. Another bad news is for our console users, it’s told that due to the difficulty of creating a Borderlands 3 PS4 Save Editor, Rick will not be creating a ‘Borderlands 3 Save Editor PS4’. According to his statement on Twitter, he will only be creating a ‘Borderlands 3 Save Editor PC‘ for computers. This means that even Xbox players are deprived of getting a ‘Borderlands 3 Save Editor Xbox 360’ created by Gibbed. Thus searching for a save editor on Google will only give you results that read, ‘Borderlands 3 PC Save Editor’.

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